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Ceragem Berlin

Ceragem Master V4 (White)

Ceragem Master V4 (White)

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The Ceragem Master V4 therapy table alleviates your back pain and relaxes your tense muscles.

The patented technologies combine modern treatment methods with traditional Asian applications.

Thermal massage. The heated massage rollers of the Master V4 massage table emit concentrated heat - up to 65°C - along the user's spine. Additional heating elements in the main body and in the additional mat of the V4 ensure a warming effect on the entire body.

Spinal scanning. CERAGEM's patented SPINAL SCANNING technology analyzes and detects these differences. It makes it possible to receive an individual massage tailored to the user's spine. Length of the spine, weight distribution, degree of curvature and flexion of the spine are analyzed.

9 intensity levels. The heated massage rollers automatically adjust to each user's individual spinal contour, i.e. the degree of curvature and flexion of the user's spine, the distribution of weight along the spine and the length of the spine.

15 programs. 15 massage programs have been developed for our lounger, which are based on the findings of alternative medicine. Each program has a different benefit. Choose the thermal massage program that is best suited to your body type and individual needs. We would be happy to provide you with personal and detailed information in our centers.

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