Ceragem Master V4 im Vergleich zur Master V3

Ceragem Master V4 compared to Master V3

The globally popular Master V3 massage table is getting a successor: the CERAGEM Master V4! You can find out what differences there are between the two models and how you can relax even better in the future and care for your back in our article.

The appearance

At first glance the models appear to be very similar. The modern and practical design of the V3 was largely adopted for the successor model. This was specially developed by Tangerine, an international design company from Great Britain. Since it has proven itself since 2011 and has become more and more popular, the form has been retained. The sliding function for extending the foot section has also remained unchanged. However, a lot has changed when it comes to colors: While the V3 was only dressed in light gray and black, the V4 now comes with it two color variants therefore. Once in Black-anthracite and once in White . Choose the model that best fits your space.

The intensity

The Master V3 has 6 levels with which your back can be stretched. The Master V4 has 9 levels in which the internal projector can be adjusted. Even if this cannot be adjusted further upwards, with the V4 it is still possible to make a finer and therefore more individual setting.

The material

There have been some improvements to the V3's durable and useful materials, both inside and out:

The Surface material was replaced with an even more robust one. Run your hands over it and you will quickly notice the difference. This means you can enjoy the V4 lounger for even longer, as it looks good for longer and remains in technically perfect condition for even longer.

The infrared heat of the Massage rollers will be with our V4 Ceramix material (mixture of high-quality natural materials), which is also used in the form of Ceraballs in the Goodle heat mats. The material generates a pleasant, deeply penetrating infrared heat and thus ensures a relaxing massage experience.

The massage programs

The V3 lounger had 12 programs. For the V4 were 15 different modes developed. These are divided into 10 automatic modes and 5 modes that can be set manually for individual needs.

Nine of the automatic programs in V3 have a counterpart in V4. A particularly noteworthy advantage of the V4 is that All automatic modes end under the head , instead of in the back area like on the V3. A separate retraction of the internal projector is no longer necessary. This makes it easier to get up after the end of the application.

In addition to the manual program and the semi-automatic program of the V3, the V4 now has the manual Master mode and the semi-automatic master mode added. The master modes make it possible to specifically target the vertebrae where you want to be massaged. If you know the vertebra number, you can use the remote control to position the internal projector in a targeted manner.

A special feature of the programs is the intensive mode . This one is hybrid, meaning you can use it in both automatic mode and manual mode. If you place the massage rollers manually, the massage will only take place in the selected area. Without manual selection, the massage extends over the entire back. The massage rollers do not stand still during this time, but are in constant motion. The duration of the massage is also intensive: it lasts 90 minutes.

The Master V4 also allows you to To pause the program , which the V3 was still missing. Unexpected disruptions will remain unpleasant, but in the future you will be able to continue the massage where you had to pause.

The sound

As with the V3, the V4 has two speakers at head height. There is no SD card on which the music is installed on the V4. However, you can enjoy the pre-installed music that is integrated into the device itself. Alternatively, the V4 offers the option of a Bluetooth connection to have the desired sound transmitted from your smartphone. A USB input allows you to play music via your USB stick.

Another innovation is the Master V4 lounger the voice output . A friendly female voice welcomes you and tells you the selected mode. Of course, you can also avoid this by turning off the sound.

CERAGEM Master V4 und Master V4 Fernbedienungen nebeneinander

The remote control

The remote control of the V4 has changed a lot compared to the V3, both visually and technically.

Let's start with attaching it to the lounger: If the V3 remote control was pushed into the holder, the V4 remote control is now magnetically in a holder provided for this purpose appropriate. This makes handling more convenient and intuitive.

The feel of the V4 remote control differs from the previous model in that there are no longer any tactile buttons. The The surface of the remote control is smooth . This makes it more hygienic as it is easier to maintain.

According to the new function of the lounger has the V4 remote control new buttons to get there. This applies to the massage program start/stop buttons, the external projector vibration start/stop buttons and the intensive mode button.

That too Display has changed . On the left you will see the silhouette of a person. A colored line shows you where the internal projector is below you. On the right you will see the program used, the temperature, the remaining massage time and much more.

The external projectors

The V4 also comes with two external projectors that provide pleasant infrared heat from outside. The V3's large external projector has been replaced by an ergonomically designed Vibration projector with heating element replaced. This can be placed comfortably on the stomach during the massage without slipping. The vibration strength and heat can be adjusted using the remote control. Of course, the projector can also be used without vibration.

The external projectors (9s and 3s) from CERAGEM next to each other

The conclusion

Even if at first glance you get the impression that the “new” and the “old” CERAGEM table look the same, they differ in several key points. Good things were preserved, expanded and improved. The CERAGEM Master V4 lounger represents an evolutionary leap, particularly in terms of programs and handling, which will benefit you in daily use and care of your back.

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